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Losada Viños de Finca "El Pájaro Rojo" Mencia

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Losada Viños de Finca "El Pájaro Rojo" Mencia: a Review

Wine is as good as life to a man, if it be drunk moderately: what life is then to a man that is without wine? for it was made to make men glad.
    —Ecclesiasticus, ch. 38, v. 1

(Our sample bottle was purchased by us at standard retail.)

About Losada Viños de Finca "El Pájaro Rojo" Mencia

Losada Vinos de Finca is only a little over a decade old, and is quite a modern facility, located in the Bierzo appellation of Spain. Bierzo's star has risen dramatically in recent years, though some feel that the wines that put it on the map were rather overdone: highly extracted and heavily oaked. This wine—made from rather old vines— is, like all of this winery's products, not overdone; also like all their reds, it experiences malolactic fermentation in French oak.

It is available at retail from $12 up to about $22 a bottle, with an average price of $15; it seems to be carried at quite a few retailers, including several of the rather large online ones.

Losada Viños de Finca "El Pájaro Rojo" Mencia: Tasting Impressions

The nose suggests a powerful red, and the taste follows through. This wine immediately struck us as strong, deep yet (owing to nicely integrated acidity) bright. It was rich in dark-red-fruit qualities, but nothing like a fruit bomb; rather, it had depth and some complexity.

As it evolved through the bottle, the brightness seemed to fade, leaving a dark and (as another reviewer put it) "brooding" wine. There were perceptible tannins, and to do this beauty justice, it probably won't be at its peak for some while yet; it needs, at the very least, a year or two more (two years old as tasted) to be ready for fair trial, and it might want significantly more yet.

This is a nice specimen of the delightful Mencia grape; recommended.

Losada Viños de Finca "El Pájaro Rojo" Mencia: Other Opinions

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