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Some Personal Favorites

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About This List

I often wonder what the vintners buy…
    —The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

If we have skills, those are not primarily as wine tasters and evaluators ourselves; rather, our expertise, assuming we have any, is in “meta-review”—searching the work of many other tasters and evaluators to see where there seems to be consensus on good wines (within our self-imposed price limit of not over $20).

Nonetheless, it is inevitable that anyone visiting a site like this must wonder what the webmasters themselves find appealing in the wines they present. So, we have made this list. It is important, as we discuss more fully on our page about published wine reviews, that you keep in mind not only what limitations the reviewers (here, us) may have, but also that different people have different preferences. To belabor the obvious, Wine A may appeal strongly to us and Wine B not so much, whereas you might love B and scorn A—even if both are widely reckoned very good or even excellent wines. The difference would be the wines’ styles and your and our preferences in style.

Please note carefully that our “favorites” have nothing whatever to do with the list selections we present on this site for each wine type: not a few of our personal favorites do not appear on the lists for their type. They’re just our favorites, no more, no less: we don’t use our tastes as a measure for listing.

(Also, in numerous cases, a wine we would have listed is only available at a very few retailers: we can find it at some one or maybe two retailers we patronize, but that’s not sufficient availability to include it in this site’s regular lists.)

A side note: for not a few varietals, our current preference is rather tentative, meaning that while we liked them, there are still a fair number of candidates that we haven’t yet gotten round to sampling. We used to mark some of our choices that way, as “tentative”, but the reality is that all our choices are tentative, in the sense that tonight we might try something new that blows away our current preference. So all this is just a snapshot, a work in progress (lifelong progress).

One thing we do not do, however, is list any wine just to fill in a varietal; if, for a given varietal, no specimen we have tried so far has really appealed to us, we just leave that varietal off this list as if we hadn’t tried any of it at all yet.

In this list, the wine type (say, Merlot) is a click-on link to our page for that wine type. The individual wine’s names are click-on links to such CellarTracker pages as may exist for them, so you can see what other folks have had to say about them. (In the rare few cases where there were no posted comments to be seen on CellarTracker, the link is to some other plausibly germane note on the wine.) We do not necessarily agree with all of those comments (which, in any case, often disagree considerably among themselves), but you can see what actual non-professional consumers have had to say.

Very well, then, let’s cut the cackle an’ get to the hosses.

The List

 · Kotrotsos Nemea
   (not the same as their “Erasmios”, now discontinued)

 · Donnachiara “Campania” Aglianico
 · Caparone Aglianico

 · Jean Marc Bouley Bourgogne

 · Anselmo Mendes “Contacto” Alvarinho
 · La Cana Albariño

Albillo Mayor:
 · Valduero Yunquera Blanco de Albillo

Altesse (aka Roussette):
 · Lupin Roussette de Savoie Frangy Altesse
 · Eugene Carrel et Fils Altesse
 · Domaine Giachino Roussette de Savoie Altesse

 · Vietti

 · Santo Wines Assyrtiko Santorini
 · GWC [Greek Wine Cellars] Kourtakis Assyrtiko Santorini  · Famille Peillot Altesse
 · Jean Vullien Roussette de Savoie

 · Piližota “Sibenik” [“white label”]
 · Piližota “Sibenik” [“white label”]
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Luis Pato “Rebel”
 · Luis Pato “Rebel”
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Rocca Felice Barbera d’Alba Superiore

Blaufränkisch | Lemberger | Blue Frank | Kekfrankos:
 · Marshal’s Lemberger
   (a small Washington winery with no listings at CellarTracker)

 · Atance Bobal

 · La Posta “Estela Armando Vineyard”
 · Cruz Alta “Reserve”
 · Tilia
 · Zuccardi “Serie A”
 · Trapiche “Broquel”

 · Matteo Correggia “Anthos”

Cabernet Franc:
 · Marshal’s Cabernet Franc
   (a small Washington winery with no listings at CellarTracker)

Cabernet Sauvignon:
 · Errazuriz “Max Reserva” Cabernet Sauvignon
 · Catena Zapata “Catena” Cabernet Sauvignon
 · Caparone Cabernet Sauvignon
 · Columbia Crest “Grand Estates” Cabernet Sauvignon
 · Smoking Loon “The Original” Cabernet Sauvignon

 · Folk Machine “Avian Science” Carignan

 · Errazuriz “Max Reserva” Carménère
 · Anakena “Tama Vineyards Selection” Carménère

 · Tasca d’Almerita Tascante “Buonora” Etna Bianco

 · Damiano Ciolli Olevano Romano Superiore “Silene”
 · Principe Pallavicini “Amarasco”

 · oaked style - Beringer “Bourbon Barrel Aged” Chardonnay
 · unoaked style - Louis Jadot Macon-Villages

Chenin Blanc:
 · Les Vignerons de la Noelle Anjou Blanc “Le Haut Vignot”
 · Arnaud Lambert Breze Saumur Blanc Clos de Midi
 · Monmousseau Vouvray

 · Marco Salustri “L’Ideale” Ciliegiolo

 · Via Wines Chilcas “Single Vineyard”
 · De Martino “Gallardia del Itata”
 · Domaine des Tourelles “Vieilles Vignes”

 · Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore

 · Steele Writer’s Block Counoise
 · Sans Liege “Groundwork”

 · Davide Carleone Croatina

 · Marcarini “Fontanazza” Dolcetto d’Alba
 · Luigi Einaudi Dolcetto di Dogliani

 · Winzergenossenschaft Kallstadt Kobnert Dornfelder Rotwein Trocken
 · Gerd Anselmann Dornfelder

Early Melnik:
 · Logodaj “Melnik 55” (“Early Melnik” Grape)

 · Favaro “Le Chiusure” Erbaluce

 · Aia Dei Colombi Falanghina
 · Aia Dei Colombi Falanghina
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Ocone “Flora” Falanghina Taburno
 · Vinicola del Sannio Falanghina Beneventano
 · Mastroberardino del Sannio

 · Domaine du Cros “Cuvee VV” Marcillac
 · Domaine Philemon “Croix d’Azal”
 · Domaine du Cros “Lo Sang del Pais” Marcillac

Fetească Neagră:
 · Recas Castle [blue label]

Fetească Regală:
 · Recas Castle

 · Colli di Lapio “Romano Clelia” Fiano
 · La Capranera
 · La Capranera
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).
 · Mastroberardino “Radici”

Fié | Sauvignon Gris:
 · Cousiño-Macul “Isadora” Sauvignon Gris

 · Feudo di Santa Tresa
 · Valle dell’Acate “Vittoria”
 · Valle dell’Acate “Vittoria”
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Domaine Királyudvar “Sec” Furmint

 · Librandi “Duca Sanfelice” Cirò Rosso Riserva
 · Scala Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore
 · Vincenzo Ippolito Cirò Rosso Classico Superiore ”Liber Pater“

 · Lucien Lardy Moulin-a Vent “Les Thorins”
 · Lucien Lardy Morgon Cote du Py
 · Lucien Lardy Moulin-a Vent “Les Thorins”

Garnacha | Grenache:
 · Borsao “Tres Picos” Garnacha
 · Lurra Garnacha
 · Castillo de Monséran “Cariñena” Garnacha
 · Navaherreros Garnacha de Bernabeleva
 · Vinos Sin-Ley “G” Garnacha

Grenache Blanc:
 · Edetària “Via Terra” Garnatxa Blanca
 · Edetària Via Terra Garnatxa Blanca
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Inama Soave Classico

 · Hobo Wines Banyan Gewürztraminer
 · Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewürztraminer
 · Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewürztraminer
 · Claiborne & Churchill Dry Gewürztraminer
    (CellarTracker has that wine under three different listings).
 · Trimbach Gewürztraminer

 · Avancia “Cuvee de O” Godello

Graciano | Morrastel:
 · Rio Madre Rioja Graciano
 · Vinos Sin-Ley “GRA2”

 · Antonelli Grechetto

 · Ippolito 1845 “Mare Chiaro” Cirò

 · Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta Grignolino d’Asti

Gros Manseng:
 · Domaine des Cassagnoles Gros Manseng Reserve Selection

 · Paolo Cali “Blues” Grillo

Grüner Veltliner:
 · Gobelsburger Kamptal Grüner Veltliner
 · Stadt Krems Grüner Veltliner

 · Carpinus Tokaji Hárslevelü
 · Bodrog Bormühely Dereszla Hárslevelü
 · Fekete Hárslevelü

 · Domaine de L’Idylle Savoie “Cruet”
 · Jean Perrier et Fils Savoie “Cuvee Gastronomie” Abymes
 · Philippe Ravier Savoie “Apremont” Jacquère

Juan García:
 · Barco del Corneta “Prapetisco”

 · Oszcár Maurer Subotica Kadarka
 · Oszcár Maurer Subotica Kadarka “1880”
    (same wine: name changed in 2017).

 · Abbazia di Novacella-Kloster “Stiftkellerei Neustifter” Kerner

Lacrima di Morro:
 · Lucchetti Lacrima di Morro
 · Velenosi Lacrima di Morro d’Alba Superiore “Querci’Antica”

 · Porto Carras Limnio
 · Vourvoukeli Estate

 · Anselmo Mendes “Muros Antigos” Loureiro
 · Niepoort “Dócil” Loureiro

 · Alpha Estates “Turtles Vineyard” Malagousia
 · Alpha Estates “Axia” Malagousia
   (Those are the same wine: the winery simply changed the label name from ‘Axia’ to ‘Turtles Vineyard’)

 · Zuccardi “Serie Q” Malbec
 · Susana Balbo “Signature” Malbec

 · Birichino Malvasia Bianca

 · Villa Yambol Mavrud

 · Orbelus Melnik

Melon (de Borgogne) [Muscadet]:
 · Marc Ollivier Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie

 · Losada Vinos de Finca “El Pajaro Rojo”
 · Guimaro Ribeira Sacra Mencia
 · Avancia “Cuvee Mosteiro” Mencia
 · Avancia “Cuvee Mosteiro” Mencia
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Caparone Merlot
 · Columbia Crest “Grand Estates” Merlot
 · Marques de Casa Concha
 · Casa Lapostolle “Cuvee Alexandre”
 · Montes “Alpha”

Monastrell | Mourvedre | Mataro:
 · Juan Gil Jumilla “12 Meses” Monastrell [silver label]
 · Vinos Sin Ley “M” Monastrell

Mondeuse Noire | Mondeuse Noir:
 · Charles Gonnet Chignin “Vieilles Vignes”
 · Fabien Trosset Mondeuse d’Arbin “Malatret”
 · Philip Ravier De Savoie St Jean La Porte
 · Maison Angelot Mondeuse
 · Maison Angelot Mondeuse
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

Moscofilero | Moschofilero:
 · Skouras Moschofilero
 · Nasiakos Moschofilero
 · Seméli “Feast” Moschofilero

Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains:
 · Hobo Wines Folk Machine “A Red Herring Afternoon” Muscat
 · Wohlmuth Gelber Muskateller Steinriegel
 · Bodegas Juan Gil Moscatel Seco

 · Caparone Nebbiolo

 · Domaine Le Roc “La Folle” Noire d’Ambat

Negro Amaro:
 · Castello Monaci Maru Negroamaro
 · Cantina Sociale Cooperativa “Copertino” Rosso Riserva

Nerello Mascalese:
 · Peloro “Le Casematte” Rosso Terre Siciliane

Nero D’Avola:
 · Valle dell’Acate “Case Ibidini” Nero d’Avola
 · Mazzei Zisola Noto Rosso

Nero di Troia:
 · Villa Schinosa Nero di Troia
 · Castel del Monte “Vigna del Melograno” Nero di Troia
 · Castel del Monte “Vigna del Melograno” Nero di Troia
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

País | Listín Prieto:
 · Cacique Maravilla “Pipeno” País

 · Contesa
 · Ciu Ciu “Merlettaie”

Petit Verdot:
 · Ruca Malén Reserva
 · Mandrarossa “Timperosse”
 · Domaine L’Orviel

Petite Sirah:
 · Parducci “True Grit” Petite Sirah
 · Parducci “True Grit” Petite Sirah
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).
 · Line Shack Petite Sirah

Picpoul de Pinet:
 · Hugues de Beauvignac Picpoul de Pinet
 · Domaine La Croi Gratiot

 · La Sibilla Piedirosso “Campi Flegrei”
 · Mastroberardino Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosso

Pinot Blanc:
 · Colterenzio Schreckbichl “Praedium Weisshaus” Pinot Blanc

Pinot Gris | Pinot Grigio:
“pinot gris”:
 · Willow Crest Pinot Gris
 · Jones of Washington Pinot Gris
 · Jones of Washington Pinot Gris
 · Jones of Washington Pinot Gris
    (CellarTracker has that wine under three different listings).
 · Trimbach Reserve Pinot Gris
 · Jules Taylor Pinot Gris
“pinot grigio”:
 · Kupelwieser Alto Adigo Pinot Grigio

Pinot Meunier | Meunier:
 · Duck Walk Vineyards Pinot Meunier
 · River Road Vineyards Pinot Meunier
 · River Road Vineyards Pinot Meunier
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

Pinot Noir:
 · Hahn Family “SLH”
 · Navarro Anderson Valley (their basic PN)
 · Stadlmann “Classic”

Plavac Mali:
 · Andrović “Vrhunsko“ Plavac Mali
    (Andrović has two Plavac labels: Kvalitetno and Vrhunsko; the Kvalitetno may be better, but the Vrhunsko is what we’ve had.)
 · Bura “Fresh” Plavac Mali
 · Putnikovići “Lirica” Plavac Mali
 · Putnikovići “Lirica” Plavac Mali
 · Putnikovići “Lirica” Plavac Mali
    (CellarTracker has that wine under three different listings).
 · Zlatan Otok “Little Blue”

 · Tenuta Luisa Refosco
 · Le Carline Refosco

 · Chateau Ste. Michelle “Eroica” Riesling
 · Trimbach Riesling
 · Chateau Ste. Michelle “Cold Creek Vineyard” Riesling
 · Robert Weil Trocken Riesling

 · Dr. Konstantin Frank Rkatsiteli

 · Gentilini Robola

 · Bougrier “Pure Loire” Rosé d’Anjou
 · Bougrier Rosé D’Anjou
 · Terra Blanca “Arch Terrace”

 · Novelty Hill Roussanne

Rubin Bolgarski:
 · Ross-Idi “Nikolaevo Vineyard” Rubin

 · Montalbera “La Tradizione” Ruché di Castagnole Monferrato

 · Colsanto di Montefalco

 · Caparone Sangiovese
 · Le Pupille Morellino di Scansano

Saperavi | Saperevi:
 · Pheasant’s Tears Saperavi
 · Nelkarisi Saperavi
 · Tanini Qvevri Kakheti Saperavi
 · Teliani Valley “Mukuzani” Saperavi
 · Teliani Valley “Kindzmarauli” Saperavi

Sauvignon Blanc:
 · Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc
 · Nobilo Regional Collection Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
 · Novelty Hill “Stillwater Creek Vineyard” Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Gris:
 · Cousiño-Macul “Isidora” Sauvignon Gris

 · Domaine Boyar “Selection” Traminer

 · Darting “Dürkheimer Fronhof” Scheurebe Kabinett
 · Bruni Scheurebe Kabinett
 · Koehler-Ruprecht Kabinett Trocken

 · Abbazia di Novacella

 · Girolamo Dorigo
 · Grillo “di Prepotto”

 · Tyrrell’s Sémillon
 · Tyrrell’s Old Winery Sémillon
 · De Iuliis

 · Keller Grüner Silvaner Trocken

St. Laurent | Sankt Laurent:
 · Rosi Schuster “Klassik” St. Laurent
 · Johanneshof Reinisch St. Laurent
 · Georg Schneider St. Laurent
 · Georg Schneider St. Laurent
 · Georg Schneider St. Laurent
    (CellarTracker has that wine under three different listings).

sparkling wines (Champagne et al.):
 · Roederer Estate Brut, Anderson Valley
 · Kirkland “Signature” Brut

 · Pardas “Sus Scrofa” Sumoll
 · Gaintus “Radical” Sumoll

 · Li Veli
 · Boccantino

 · Fess Parker Syrah

 · Famille Laplace “Laplace” Madiran
 · Chañarmuyo “Keo” Roble Tannat
 · Bouza “Reserva” Tannat
 · Pisano RPF (Reserva Personal de la Familia) Tannat

 · Baron de Ley Reserva Rioja
 · Tamaral Roble Tempranillo

 · De Vescovi Ulzbach Teroldego

 · Zuccardi “Serie A” Torrontés
 · Michel Torino “Cuma” Torrontés

Touriga Nacional:
 · Aveleda “Follies” Touriga Nacional
 · DFJ Vinhos “Grand’Arte” Touriga Nacional
 · Delaforce Douro Touriga Nacional

 · Folk Machine “Lolonis Vineyard” Valdiguié
 · Folk Machine “Lolonis Vineyard” Valdiguié
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

Miali Valle d’Itria “Single Vineyard” Verdeca
    (CellarTracker has no listing for that wine; the link is to the maker’s PDF fact sheet for the wine).
 · Masseria Li Veli

 · Viñedos de Nieva “Blanco Nieva” Verdejo
 · Lagar del Rey Verdejo

 · Tyrrell’s Verdelho
 · Tyrrell’s “Old Winery” Verdelho

 · Bisci Verdicchio di Matelica

 · Michel Gassier “Les Piliers” Viognier  · Jaffurs

 · Tikveš Winery Special Selection Vranec
 · Tikveš Winery Special Selection Vranec
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).
 · Stobi “Veritas” Vranec
 · Plantaźe Vranac

 · Katogi Averoff Xinomavro
 · Kir-Yianni “Ramnista”
 · Kir-Yianni “Ramnista”
    (CellarTracker has that wine under two different listings).

 · Weingut Stadlmann Anninger Zierfandler

 · Caparone Zinfandel
 · Peachy Canyon “Westside” Zinfandel
 · Cline “Ancient Vines” Zinfandel
 · Navarro Zinfandel





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