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Wine Books

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Books About Wine

About This Shop

Books, books, books. The bookworm.

Those interested in this site may reasonably be assumed to also have some interest in books about its subject: wine. Here, in association with AbeBooks, we make it easy for you to browse—and, if you choose, purchase from—our virtual book shop of wine-related books. And, a little down this page, we point you at some of the most-recommended of such books.

AbeBooks is actually a centralized aggregator through which many thousands of individual book sellers, from large down to mom’n’pop size, make available their inventory of books—both new and used—offering literally millions of books. It even maintains reader forums—but above all it makes buying books—again, new or used—easy and economical.

(Disclosure: we are an AbeBooks “affiliate”, meaning that if you buy any book from them through a link from us we get a commission—a pittance, believe us—that does not affect your cost.)

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There are zillions of books on wine, many excellent reading; but those listed here are usually considered key references.

In this list of especially recommended wine books, every listed book title (and image) is a click-on link to the Abebooks listing of offers for that particular edition of the indicated book (“particular edition” means a particular ISBN, the unique code assigned by international standards to a particular edition of a particular book). Clicking on the link will open a new tab in your browser showing all the listings, new and used copies, for that edition. On that new tab, you will find a column at the left of the listings wherein you can narrow or widen your search in many useful ways (for one example, new-only or used-only).

Keep in mind that an ISBN identifies one particular edition of the subject book. A given book, especially if popular, may have two or even several different editions—hard-cover or paperback, earlier or later, or intended for different national markets. We have tried to list only the latest edition of each book; where there are both a paperback and a hard-cover, the paperback is the main listing, but a link to the hardcover is also given.

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Book\nCover Wine Grapes
Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, José Vouillamoz

The new master reference: expensive, but if you can afford it, get it.

Book\nCover Native Wine Grapes of Italy
Ian D’Agata

Italy is home to more native grape types than France, Spain, and Germany combined; this book tells you all about them, in detail, plus it has a great explanation of the insights—and possible shortcomings—of modern DNA analysis of grapes.

Book\nCover The Oxford Companion to Wine (4th edition)
Jancis Robinson

Expensive, but another of the essential wine references.

Book\nCover The World Atlas of Wine (8th edition)
Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson

Also expensive, but also another of the essential wine references.

Book\nCover Windows on the World Complete Wine Course: Revised & Updated 35th Edition
Kevin Zraly

As it says, a course in wine appreciation; it is widely praised.

Book\nCover Hugh Johnson's Pocket Guide to Wine 2022
Hugh Johnson

A very handy, conveniently pocket-sized guide to carry to wine shops and restaurants; reissued annually to be up to date.

Book\nCover Making Sense of Wine
Matt Kramer

An older but much-respected introductory book.
(This is the paperback edition; there is also a hardcover edition)

Book\nCover Adventures on the Wine Route (25th Anniversary edition)
Kermit Lynch

Fascinating insights into the wines, and wine business, of France by a renowned (and select) U.S. importer.

Book\nCover Reading between the Wines (2nd edition)
Terry Theise

More fascinating insights into wine and the wine business from another renowned importer.

Book\nCover The New Wine Rules
Jon Bonné

Described as “especially helpful for beginner wine folks in need of a confidence boost”.

Book\nCover Wine Folly: Magnum Edition: The Master Guide
Madeline Puckett, Justin Hammack

Aimed at “advanced” wine drinkers.

Book\nCover The Wine Bible (2nd edition)
Karen MacNeil

From Kevin Zraly (see above): “the best wine book written in years and will remain a classic forever”.
(This is the paperback edition; there is also a hardcover edition)

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Browse the Whole Wine-Books Shop

Besides the few particular books listed above, you can click one of the links below to browse all of ABE’s listing of books with the word wine in their titles. Right now, that would be 0 books! Choose how you prefer to see the offers:

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